Although it’s almost impossible to find a retail system that has both of the functionalities we’re discussing today, both are vital if a retail establishment wants to have a great touch screen point of sales solution. is the leader in transaction services. We build your online presence and point of sales system to integrate with each other.  Let’s talk about these top two vital features offered by which will help your retail establishment understand and control the entire customer experience:

1. First item is advanced inventory management.

Most point of sales web sites claim to offer retail management. What they actually offer is the option to load products into the database so you can have product name, description, price, bar code, and perhaps a picture in a big list. However, this is only a small segment of inventory management. To adequately manage inventory you must make groups, sub-groups, and sub sub-groups so that you can get detailed reporting. You need to see what’s selling in each department, which brand is selling, and all kinds of other detailed reporting. You may find several touch screen point of sales systems which offer this. offers extremely advanced detailed reporting.

2. The second item is an online e-commerce store that integrates together with your point of sales system.

In case you haven’t noticed, people like to buy online now. It’s convenient and easy. A huge percentage of retail sales are now coming online. Even for physical location businesses like Pennys, Sears, and Walmart, customers can buy online and pick up at the store. Every retail establishment needs to cater to this market.
Some of Transaction Expert’s competitors like Shopify and Shopkeep set you up with an online “store.” However, all that means is to give customers a link to go online and basically log into the point of sales system and buy something. Transaction services, which is the market we dominate, is about the entire transaction process: helping someone discover you; getting them interested in the product; buying it; picking it up at the store; telling others about it and generating return business. So it’s vital that you have integration between the e-commerce and your touch screen point of sales solution.

At, we set up a full custom web site for you with content and everything that you need. Then we integrate that with your touch screen point of sales solution so that the two things work together. You can sell things online and in the store; the products all come out of the same database.
So the two most important things a retail establishment needs are advanced inventory management and an online e-commerce store integrated with the point of sales system. Please take a minute to visit us online at Click on “find a local expert” and put in your zip code to find a local transaction expert to help you choose the right touch screen point of sales solution for your retail business.


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