Everyday, your employees are down in the action interacting with the customer. They learn what the customer wants and what the customer doesn’t like. So, why not have them involved with the marketing of your business?

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, wrote the book,”Straight from the Gut.”  The book discusses one of the exciting programs that he had implemented to get feedback from employees in-order to help with the overall company growth. Welch talks about a man who worked in a factory there for 20 years. During one of their open forums, this man said, “For 20 years, you have been paying for my hands, but you could’ve had my brain for free.” This statement really stuck with me because for the first time in 20 years, this employee was able to share his valuable thoughts and ideas about the company through the experience he had on the floor.

Here are 3 ways to engage your employees in marketing.

1) Help Your E3 Ways to Engage Your Employees In Marketingmployees Understand the Buying Process 

Every business has a unique buying process. Explain to your employees about this process and even have them experience it. For example, as a salon owner, have your employees receive a hair cut from your business and show them the customer journey. You also want your employees to know about your marketing platforms like email marketing or billboards you have in the area. Letting them know how the customer finds out about your business and how they buy is key.

2) Pitch Your Vision Often

In order for your employees to engage in marketing, you need to paint a picture of what winning looks like for your business. Having them know and understand your mission and vision will open their eyes to the impact you want to leave on each customer or the impact you want to leave on the community. This will help your employees share great ideas because they now have a clear understanding of what your business’ goals are.

3) Involve Them in Marketing

Now that your employees understand the buying process and the vision of your business, its time to delegate some of the marketing to them!

It has always surprised me that many  small businesses don’t have social media due to the lack of time owners have  to monitor the sites properly. Many business owners feel that they cannot keep up with responding to a message or an @reply. When I mention about utilizing their employees, most express that they can’t trust an employee to take on that responsibility.  However, if an employee can answer your phone everyday, why can’t they respond to a customer on Facebook?

It may not be direct interaction, but responding to customer inquires online is the same idea as conversing with someone face to face. 

With traditional marketing, you can ask your employees, what do customers want to see? Or about different additional services you can add to improve your business. Your employees are extremely hands on when it comes to the customer.  They have the most valuable feedback on  improving the customer experience.

By having your employees engage in marketing, you will see growth in your business and revenue.

James Shepherd

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