5 Things Small Business Owners Don't Know About FacebookIs Facebook an important part of your marketing strategy?  Do you want to use Facebook more this year to build your small business brand?  Here are five things that most small business owners don’t know about Facebook.  If you learn these five tips, you will be in a great position to compete on Facebook this year!

#1 – Just because someone likes your company page doesn’t mean they will see your posts.  Facebook limits the number of your fans who will see your posts organically.  It isn’t an exact science but only around 15% of your fans will see your posts if you don’t pay to promote them.

Many small business owners think they can get the word out to all 1,000 of their fans about a new product, menu item or service by posting on Facebook.  Actually only about 150 of them will even see this post.

#2 – Facebook marketing is really cheap!  This is the good news.  To get your message out to all your fans and even to their friends is very inexpensive.  At Transaction Expert, we provide an online marketing program where we set up your Facebook / Twitter campaigns for you.  We have found that for as little as $20 per day you can get your daily posts to all your fans and even create a few new ones!

#3 – Images in your post are very important.  On Facebook a picture isn’t worth a thousand words, but it is probably worth a few hundred.  The reason why is that the picture takes up a lot more space on the news feed than a text update.  This means in a crowded news feed you can grab more attention.

Get creative.  Have every employee equipped with a smart phone, and challenge them to get a great picture for Facebook.  Have a contest.  Reward the employee with the best picture each day.  This will pay off big time in Facebook ad conversion and traffic to your posts.

#4 – Video ads are more effective than text ads.  With new technology on the market, to have a great thirty second intro video for your business created has become much less expensive.  If you are going to put an ad in the sidebar on Facebook, use a video ad.  Studies show people click on those more often if they have a great title.

#5 – You can target your email subscribers on Facebook.  This tip really blew my mind when I started using it.  Someone comes to your business and signs up on your email list.  Then this person sees your ad on Facebook the next day asking him or her to like your page.  How powerful would that be?

We set up our clients with their own MailChimp account and manage it to make sure their email subscriber list is growing and up to date.  To export this list to Facebook is easy.  Then we use it to target those on their email list whether or not they have ever liked the clients’ Facebook company page.

I hope you enjoy these tips! Share in the comments below ways you are using Facebook to grow your local business.

Have a great day!

James Shepherd


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