10 Principles That Will Increase Your Online Authority

Is your business recognized as an expert and authority in your field? Or are you a part of the “we do that, too” crowd?  These ten principles will set you apart.  People will see you as “The Go To Guy” and expert in your field. Have you ever been in the news?  Put... read more

3 Tips on Twitter for a Physical Business Location

For today’s article, I will discuss 3 tips on Twitter to increase the growth of a physical business location. #3 – Create a complete Twitter profile and system. Make sure your profile is complete.  Ensure you include a description, your website, and a... read more

The Key to Embracing Technology Without Losing Control

You get bombarded every day with new technology solutions which could revolutionize your business.  The problem is you don’t know how this revolution will affect your P&L or your day to day operations.  Allow me to share what I believe is the key to... read more

4 Steps to Finding More Profits in Your Business

Much of business success is about using the power of “AND.”  I have found most business owners excel in either revenue creation “OR” operations.  In order to be successful, you must grow the top line AND control operating costs.  Business... read more

The 3 M’s of Marketing for Your Small Business

In today’s 2 minute business tip, I want to present some very basic marketing concepts that will drastically improve your revenues if you think through them.  Take two minutes and review this list today so you can apply it to your marketing efforts. #1 –... read more

Do You Have a Profitable Team?

Some of the best business advice I ever got came from a simple statement made by a very successful business professional:  “A profitable business is simply a group of individually profitable people.”  This statement changed my perspective. There are a lot... read more

Let Your Customers Brag on Your Small Business!

I saw something pretty incredible in a small restaurant.  They created a very simple, free, and extraordinarily effective system which allowed their customers to brag on them. While customers were waiting to order or waiting for food, they were standing right in front... read more

5 Tips on How to Make Better Small Business Decisions

The key to making good decisions is good information.  So what information are you getting to help make important business decisions?  Here are 5 reports in addition to the basic accounting reports that you need to be looking at regularly.  #1 – Employee... read more
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