Managing employee activity in a small business may seem difficult, but it’s possible to do with ease.  In today’s video/ podcast, we will discuss how to more effectively manage your employees. 

In order to successfully manage employee activity, there are TWO things to keep in mind:

1. The integrity, character, and discipline of your employees. 

2. Creating an outline of tasks to help guide your employees and have a system in place to enforce it. 

Universally, this is a common frustration to small business owners. Since many of the college-educated employees go to  corporations due to higher pay, small businesses get low skilled laborers. This may be looked at as a negative term, but all this means is that this worker may have a GED or no college education. This does not mean you have to hire just anyone. You must hire those who will be the right fit for your business. Now that you have your hand-selected employees, you need to guide them and make sure that they are doing their job.

Having a system such as Point of Sales (POS), may decrease the average business owner’s possibly 80-hour week. This will not only keep track of sales within your business, but also track your employees’ actions and more.

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James Shepherd

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