Just because you have a great looking website doesn’t mean that you are going to get any business from it.  Let’s talk about how you can turn your web traffic into foot traffic.  The key to accomplishing this task is really just one word… “Connection” and today I want to share with you the two key forms of connection that will get your website visitors into your store to make a purchase.

The primary form of connection and by far the most important is the email address.  If you can collect an email subscriber, you have a real connection that can be leveraged to send weekly or monthly emails out for free with special offers and other enticements to motivate them to make a purchase.  There are two ways to get these email addresses.  One is in your store.  All you need is a clip board and a paper with a column for “First Name” and “Email.”  If you use our business driver web design package with the content marketing module, we can set you up with an email management system so you can easily key in these email addresses into your own system and then send them an email automatically whenever you post something to your website or even set up auto-responders.

The second way to collect email addresses is on your website with a pop up or with a CTA (Call to Action).  The pop up is very effective and doesn’t need to seem like spam.  We have a pop up that shows up only once every 30 days for each unique visitor.  It is a small box that simply has the first name and email field.  The second way is a Call to Action such as, “Click here to download a coupon and save 15% on your next purchase” then, in order to download the coupon they must give you their email address.  This is very simple to implement and we include it at no extra charge to our clients.

The second type of connection is social media.  My advice is to pick one social channel that you want to work on like facebook, twitter or LinkedIn depending on your service type.  Then, put up a post at least once per week and offer a special when people like your page or follow your company profile.

If you have any questions about turning your web traffic into foot traffic, post them in the comments below and I will be sure to reply!

Have a Profitable Day!

James Shepherd

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