Recently, the answer to this question became extremely important. Google has decided to block websites from the search engine results that are NOT mobile-friendly. Now, how important is Google search for your business?

Well if you think about it, no one is looking through the yellow-pages or even paying much attention to billboards. What customers want to do is pull out their smart-phones and go to their Google App to search for whatever they are looking for. Personally, I pull up my Google App up to 10 times a day and search for whatever I need. For example, if I want to go out to eat somewhere and I am in an area that I’m not familiar with, I just look up, “restaurant in _____,” and get results instantly to choose where I will eat or even shop.

Google has discovered an important fact.  If someone goes to a website on their smart-phone and it is not mobile-friendly, the user will simply leave your site right away. Meaning you may be losing a valuable customer. Patience runs very thin now a days, and in order to keep the focus of a user, you must prevent them from hitting that dreaded “back” button before they click on the next result and find someone else. When this happens, Google considers you to be an irrelevant site. Therefore, you’re blocked.

What can you do about this?

  1. Get a FREE Web Grader Report.If you go to, we have a FREE Web Grader Report. All you need to do is fill out some information about your site, and then one of our online presence experts will check to see if your website is mobile-friendly. We also go through your competitors’ sites as well as Google to check SEO ranks. After, we will give you back the report that has about 10 categories about how your website is doing. I would suggest doing this ASAP to check or double check if your site is mobile friendly because if not, you will be in some big trouble with Google.
  2. Find a Website company with ongoing support. We offer our clients customize design for their mobile site. We don’t provide one of those packages where they cram your desktop site into a mobile setting. A mobile site and a desktop site are different. Certain features on the mobile site need to be a certain size or in a specific place so you’re content can be seen. Through our report, you can actually see what is happening with your mobile visitors compared to your desktop ones. You can see if users are bouncing from the website, how long they are staying, and even what pages they are visiting. This will give you insight on how to change and adjust your mobile-site to be optimized so visitors can come to your mobile-site and navigate through it efficiently and successfully.

Get a  FREE Web Grader Report at to make sure your website is mobile-enabled and also to cover a few other topics to help improve your online presence. Then, be sure to speak to your local transaction expert so they can help you take the next step. Our dedication is helping local businesses increase the number of transactions that happen in their business. A major part of that is your online-presence, and your mobile website is a major part of that.

James Shepherd


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