Transparent Pricing

Choose a transparent cost structure in order to identify your true costs and minimize processor mark up.

Don’t settle for flat rate pricing, Tier Pricing or other deceptive cost structures that seem simple but hide your true costs.  Choose a true Interchange Plus Cost Structure which itemizes every cost the banks are charging you.

  1. When Our Costs Go Down, Your Costs Go Down.
    • We pass through true interchange bank costs to our clients and work diligently to reduce these costs.
  2. Our Processing fees are never higher than 1/2 of a percent with an 8 cent per transaction fee.
    • The larger your monthly volume the lower your fees.
  3. $500 Guarantee. 
    • If our team of experts is not able to lower your payment processing costs, we will cut you a check for $500.

At Transaction Expert, we understand payment processing and everyone on our team has completed a rigorous certification training course and passed an exam.  Our prices are lower than our competitors, but this is just the beginning.  We work with you to lower your bank fees by helping you implement operational changes.  We also partner with you and thousands of other small and medium business owners to lobby congress for significant savings through legislation.


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