3 Tips on Twitter for a Physical Business LocationFor today’s article, I will discuss 3 tips on Twitter to increase the growth of a physical business location.

#3 – Create a complete Twitter profile and system.
Make sure your profile is complete.  Ensure you include a description, your website, and a profile picture.  Social media is not that complicated.  All you need to do is develop a system to handle things as you would for anything else in your business.

#2 – Have your staff interact with and search for followers.

Having your staff be a part of this is a huge untapped marketing method.  When things are not busy in the store, why not have one of your employees interact and follow some people?  The designated employee can search for followers by location.  This way people can be found in your geographic area whom you can target.

#1 – Pre-schedule a lot of tweets.

You can sign up for programs such as SocialOomph to pre-schedule tweets.  Simply open a text document on your computer, and type a different tweet on each line.  Create 150 tweets.  Then upload them as a bulk file.  (Click here for more information on bulk uploads: http://bit.ly/1hTls5g.)  Schedule your tweets so you are posting at least twice a day both in the evening and the morning.  You can include special offers, a link back to your website, or a tip from your business.  If you have a blog, create a tweet for each article, one that links back to each specific blog post.

If you have any more questions about saving money, upgrading your systems, or growing your business we would love to help!  Leave any comments you have in the comments section or email: james@transactionexpert.com.

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